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1642 ABEL TASMAN – Paperback – Expected publication date: February 2019

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The Ruamahanga skull: a 17th century female European skull found in New Zealand

This book not only investigates his bestknown explorations, but his entire life. Through Abel Tasman’s story, we can feast upon a slice of Dutch history of wars, naval battles and the constant struggle of survival in both Europe and in the fabled Dutch East Indies.


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Abel Janszoon Tasman was one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s greatest explorers yet very few people realise the full extent of his accomplishments. Best known as the first European explorer to discover Tasmania, New Zealand and Fiji, he also completed the famous Bonaparte map which became the most complete map of Australia until 1770.

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  • Chapter 1 – 1656 The First Settlement of Australia
  • Chapter 2 – Rescue Attempt
  • Chapter 3 – Abraham Leeman and his epic tale of survival
  • Chapter 4 – Leeds Mercury Article 25 January 1834
  • Chapter 5 – Prime Meridian
  • Chapter 6 – The Lost White Tribe
  • Chapter 7 – Karakin Lakes – Site of the Lost White Tribe
  • Chapter 8 – Legend of the Lost White Tribe
  • Chapter 9 – Yagan and Lyon
  • Chapter 10 – Aboriginal Stories of a White Settlement
  • Chapter 11 – Aboriginal Legend of a ‘Lost White Tribe’ and the Great Flood
  • Chapter 12 – Relocation of the Lost White Tribe
  • Chapter 13 – The Irwin River Valley Settlement
  • Chapter 14 – Champion Bay
  • Chapter 15 – Dioscorea hastifolia
  • Chapter 16 – The Zuytdorp 1712
  • Chapter 17 – A New Dutch-Aboriginal Language
  • Chapter 18 – Lost White Tribes Descendants

Who is this book for?

The book would be ideal for lovers of Australian history, Dutch-Australians interested in the early Dutch explorers and HSC year 11 students of both Ancient and Modern history.

Readers who love real life mysteries of our early Australian history will enjoy the stories of shipwreck, survival, attempts at rescue and how the Lost White Tribes interacted with the
Aboriginal tribes.

The intrigue surrounding the coverup of the Lost White Tribe’s existence will engage the reader interested in the search for the truth.